202 Commits (0218c38084cff06169e20bfdd2d42473dfc15bea)

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sseneca 0218c38084 temporarily remove photos directory 1 year ago
Weave Flux 06083cb5bd Auto-release nginx:1.19.8-alpine 1 year ago
sseneca a045a83bc5 [jellyfin] 10.7.0 1 year ago
sseneca b3e552db14 [gitea] 1.13.4 1 year ago
sseneca 9e079d2d0c [dendrite] 0.3.11 1 year ago
sseneca cd311589c0 bump chart version 1 year ago
sseneca bc03e31645 disable startupProbe, again 1 year ago
sseneca 224843a4c9 enable startupProbe again, specify numerical port 1 year ago
sseneca 2b35db52a7 add PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT until docker images are fixed 1 year ago
sseneca 83c9e69d98 remove webcron values; autostart crond 1 year ago
sseneca c88eae6948 [nextcloud] 20.0.8 1 year ago
sseneca 889d7299f4 add prosody deploy files 1 year ago
sseneca f924be5c66 bump chart version 1 year ago
sseneca dd280d5fb5 add ACME DNS01 solver 1 year ago
sseneca 7759808932 add README 1 year ago
sseneca 2928cbe0a0 extensions/v1beta1 -> networking.k8s.io/v1 1 year ago
sseneca bb9e08db9c Revert "downgrade cert-manager" 1 year ago
sseneca 5cf1d53df6 specify v1.20.4+k3s1 1 year ago
sseneca dd1acc66d3 switch k3s to latest release channel 1 year ago
sseneca 33f71d82e0 downgrade cert-manager 1 year ago
sseneca b603c852fa use official bitnami sealed-secrets repo for chart 1 year ago
Weave Flux b57afd1c0a Auto-release quay.io/bitnami/sealed-secrets-controller:v0.15.0 1 year ago
Weave Flux 31b679290b Auto-release nginx:1.19.7-alpine 1 year ago
sseneca f381276e52 increase length before initial probe + subsequent 1 year ago
sseneca 0ef51ef08c disable webcron cronjob 1 year ago
sseneca 9df46f4d8c [dendrite] 0.3.10 1 year ago
sseneca afce47b6c6 [nextcloud] update chart, enable cronjob 1 year ago
sseneca 6937157677 remove jackett, qbitorrent, and sonarr 1 year ago
Weave Flux a080b2bd66 Auto-release linuxserver/jackett:version-v0.17.538 1 year ago
Weave Flux 7b33182bff Auto-release linuxserver/jackett:version-v0.17.532 1 year ago
Weave Flux 1e716aaaaf Auto-release linuxserver/jackett:version-v0.17.513 2 years ago
Weave Flux bce0c46ae1 Auto-release nextcloud:20.0.7-fpm-alpine 2 years ago
Weave Flux e7301d24ed Auto-release linuxserver/jackett:version-v0.17.496 2 years ago
sseneca e65eec1a2a disable automated upgrades for gitea 2 years ago
Weave Flux d0d8af7462 Auto-release curlimages/curl:7.75.0 2 years ago
Weave Flux 599967623d Auto-release gitea/gitea:linux-arm64-rootless 2 years ago
Weave Flux 1de7904ea4 Auto-release quay.io/jetstack/cert-manager-controller:v1.2.0 2 years ago
Weave Flux d02ed37878 Auto-release quay.io/jetstack/cert-manager-cainjector:v1.2.0 2 years ago
Weave Flux 031bf36ef8 Auto-release quay.io/jetstack/cert-manager-webhook:v1.2.0 2 years ago
sseneca 7358709983 use regex for gitea image 2 years ago
sseneca 77ff57875c [gitea] 1.13.2 2 years ago
sseneca 72e4b63250 make media storage persistent 2 years ago
sseneca df0bc2d425 [dendrite] 0.3.9 2 years ago
sseneca e86d138ea2 add dendrite deploy files 2 years ago
sseneca 719230f850 [nextcloud] 20.0.6 2 years ago
Weave Flux 20eafaa8ef Auto-release quay.io/bitnami/sealed-secrets-controller:v0.14.1 2 years ago
Weave Flux 795563e520 Auto-release quay.io/bitnami/sealed-secrets-controller:v0.14.0 2 years ago
sseneca 6c0a514584 [nextcloud] 20.0.5 2 years ago
sseneca 9fe22a57ab switch back to liveness/readiness probes 2 years ago
sseneca e4bc6b8685 switch to use startup probe 2 years ago