54 Commits (1bae1a72597ad41f1eae6942c3e17b993a0451e3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Weave Flux 1bae1a7259 Auto-release nginx:1.19.10-alpine 9 months ago
sseneca dd40f53853 enable startup probes... again 9 months ago
sseneca f07ce45e5e [nextcloud] 21.0.1 9 months ago
Weave Flux 353d1e9b67 Auto-release nginx:1.19.9-alpine 10 months ago
sseneca baddd6b3b3 Revert "temporarily remove photos directory" 10 months ago
sseneca 0218c38084 temporarily remove photos directory 10 months ago
Weave Flux 06083cb5bd Auto-release nginx:1.19.8-alpine 10 months ago
sseneca cd311589c0 bump chart version 11 months ago
sseneca bc03e31645 disable startupProbe, again 11 months ago
sseneca 224843a4c9 enable startupProbe again, specify numerical port 11 months ago
sseneca 2b35db52a7 add PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT until docker images are fixed 11 months ago
sseneca 83c9e69d98 remove webcron values; autostart crond 11 months ago
sseneca c88eae6948 [nextcloud] 20.0.8 11 months ago
Weave Flux 31b679290b Auto-release nginx:1.19.7-alpine 11 months ago
sseneca f381276e52 increase length before initial probe + subsequent 11 months ago
sseneca 0ef51ef08c disable webcron cronjob 11 months ago
sseneca afce47b6c6 [nextcloud] update chart, enable cronjob 11 months ago
Weave Flux bce0c46ae1 Auto-release nextcloud:20.0.7-fpm-alpine 11 months ago
Weave Flux d0d8af7462 Auto-release curlimages/curl:7.75.0 11 months ago
sseneca 719230f850 [nextcloud] 20.0.6 12 months ago
sseneca 6c0a514584 [nextcloud] 20.0.5 1 year ago
sseneca 9fe22a57ab switch back to liveness/readiness probes 1 year ago
sseneca e4bc6b8685 switch to use startup probe 1 year ago
sseneca 5c7f8b2b68 set redis usePassword to true 1 year ago
sseneca 9625365d16 replace hostPath with local, bump chart 1 year ago
sseneca 0a0c830c50 [nextcloud] 20.0.4 1 year ago
Weave Flux fede0696b7 Auto-release nginx:1.19.6-alpine 1 year ago
Weave Flux c9c970e730 Auto-release curlimages/curl:7.74.0 1 year ago
Weave Flux dbfa56aefa Auto-release nextcloud:20.0.3-fpm-alpine 1 year ago
sseneca e8abc0dcb0 fix auto-updating 1 year ago
Weave Flux 0b450da7e8 Auto-release nextcloud:20.0.2 1 year ago
Weave Flux 53632db85f Auto-release nginx:1.19.5-alpine 1 year ago
sseneca 43cc55b54b add c{ard,al}dav nginx snippet 1 year ago
sseneca a6c2502ce5 don't use perl images 1 year ago
Weave Flux 21cf2d9cb2 Auto-release multiple (3) images 1 year ago
sseneca 39edf9c8d9 set nginx back to alpine image 1 year ago
Weave Flux 681977952d Auto-release nginx:1.19.4 1 year ago
sseneca 81ecd5fa43 deploy nextcloud 1 year ago
sseneca 1cb11a242f remove nextcloud deps 1 year ago
sseneca 80fb2ca61a update secrets, retry enable cronjob 1 year ago
sseneca e5726919e7 disable cronjob until [0] is fixed 1 year ago
sseneca 3983c7d1fa attempt a workaround for [0] 1 year ago
sseneca 28b26ccbd4 fix invalid photo storage 1 year ago
sseneca 2ed3dd1fe5 move photo storage information to chart values 1 year ago
sseneca c610c24731 deploy nextcloud 1 year ago
sseneca ff823b4a7c remove nextcloud deploy files 1 year ago
sseneca 10b6905778 fix externalDatabase host name 1 year ago
sseneca 4e82cf4150 revert previous commit 1 year ago
sseneca 9ebb683b29 switch to default image for cronjobs 1 year ago
sseneca 5c4e071cc9 switch to production cert 1 year ago